Four days of golfDown on the coast of KentTest of skill and temperamentBlest with sunny weatherInternational field assembledEvery summer annual event Glorious shotsWayward strokesUp and down from thereIn the bunkerFind the sandSomething in the air Take your medicineMake a parA birdie or an eagleBogie double bogey, onceRory did quadruple They say it teaches life skillsCopeContinue reading “Fore!”

Western Strands

We said we’d go to CarrowteigueThat morningI knew the place so wellI loved the viewBut the sky was downThat morningCouldn’t see a thingMy brother smiledAh wellSomething new So we drove back inAnd settled on BelmulletThat new hotelThat looks out on the seaLunchtime and by nowThe sky was liftingAnd CarrowteigueWas winking back at me Then insideContinue reading “Western Strands”

Morning And Evening Prayer

Blinds and curtain closedAgainst the sunTo block out heat of dayIn my bedroomPrepare my chamberFor a night of sleepDeeply dark and coolThe angels keep Those quiet hoursSilently go byThe mind at restThe body easy lieUntil the morning lightCreeps in againInviting me to riseFor sun or rain Those hours of slumberDarkness house so stillBrings to aContinue reading “Morning And Evening Prayer”


Yoke of oxen ploughing fieldsBeasts of burden heavy loadsFamiliar sights to JesusOn Galilean roads Weary people on the streetCarrying life caresEach new day another mileAnother set of stairs Anxiety besets the heartWorry wears us downThe sun still shines up in the skyWhy our worried frown? Care-worn creatures all of usYoked to life’s demandsBurdened by theContinue reading “Yoke”

Mancini Finds A Way

Half time and one-nil downHow do you solve the problem?England rock solid in defenceCan’t see a way through them High balls would be gobbled upWhat’s the point of crossingStones Maguire come out on topAerial combat bossing Mancini knows what they must doProblems can be solvedAnd so his players gather roundHoudini, show us through Possess theContinue reading “Mancini Finds A Way”

Life’s Battle

The Great WarLeft great hurt behindGreat void great loss of meaningDeep silence over everythingAnd the bitter sound of keening The folly of the TwentiesWhen everyone went dancingDancing into darknessInto nightDrink champagne get leglessEnjoy life while you canOur memories hurtingOnly give us fright The fear of ever fightingGave politicians pauseHesitant to raise their voice againDiscontent inContinue reading “Life’s Battle”