Instinctive Wisdom

In the lonely daysJust after Margaret diedMy son and IWere moseying alongLost in our own sorrowsEvery morningLost when it was timeFor evensong Then one dayA sudden explosive angerCame bursting out of meAt something doneI shouted at my sonIn nasty temperI can’t remember nowJust what was wrong I apologised straightwayI felt so sorryFor aiming vitriolAt someoneContinue reading “Instinctive Wisdom”

I Know I Love You

Have you noticed?I luxuriate in memoryRecalling names and placesOf the pastRevisiting the peopleAnd the storiesThe happy timesThe sorrows that don’t last Sir Alex said he fearedTo lose his memoryWhen illness came upon himIn a flashTo lose that strong connectionTo your storyTo feel adriftWhere ocean currents crash Dementia leads the suffererInto desertsFamiliar faces placesThey’re all goneAndContinue reading “I Know I Love You”

Earth and Sea and Sky(A poem before breakfast)

The cliffs at CeideFall sheer into the seaJagged layers of rockHorizontallyStand up in the stormNorth facing wallCrashing watersFour hundred feet the fall The rollers thatCome tumbling on the strandBeside Cross BeachThe Mullet’s quiet landEnjoy a gentle welcomeAs they meetThe force of earthThe sand beneath my feet The cliffs at CeideSpeak in louder tonesThe roar andContinue reading “Earth and Sea and Sky(A poem before breakfast)”


Mouth and foot paintersAmaze meWhat they paintHow they learn the skillWhat determinationPerseveranceConcentrationTo overcome their ill Grandsons at an ageTo lift a pencilVery keen are theyTo make their markAnd I like themBeginning on a websiteDelight in simple joysTo write and talk Pauline down in ArklowIs a painterMerry is her nameHer website viewAnd Hughie, too, my cousinIsContinue reading “Markings”

The vital importance of being earnest

My first two years in seminary were dominated by the requirement of going to philosophy lectures, in which the lecturer droned on dismally and drearily in dead and dry scholastic language, and without any other sign of human animation, explaining to his long suffering audience the mysteries of ‘being’. Two years. When it was overContinue reading “The vital importance of being earnest”