England, Their England

I couldn’t support
This England team
Not my type of play
A defensive block
Takes the joy away
Set up to win the Euros
Do not concede a goal
Hope to score one
A team but got no soul

Losing out on penalties
A kind of justice there
A dubious spot kick
Won their final place
So we get the same old story
It wasn’t death or glory
It was boring
And they got slapped in the face

The philosophy was rotten
Pragmatic to the core
Guaranteed to see
They shall not pass
A team of all defenders
No creation no attack
They’ve got the players
Didn’t play alas

The bulldog breed
O Give me strength
Workhorses on the field
No Modric type to make the play
Just blockers who don’t yield
And Grealish one great player
A bit part just for him
We were all defence and no attack
And that was the great sin

Brian Fahy
12 July 2021

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