The Ways Of Life

My grandson started school today A milestone on the road He will learn so many things I know So many skills upload And more than that he’ll make new friends And see what others do And learn to play his part in life And how not to jump the queue   A farmer and theContinue reading “The Ways Of Life”

Rich And Poor

Matthew 19:23-30   The rich can be obscenely rich The poor obscenely poor There will always be the rich man And the poor man at his door   I once lived in a stately home Far from the madding crowd Isolated seminary A red brick living shroud   The stately homes of any land ScreamContinue reading “Rich And Poor”

What Must I Do?

Matthew 19:16-22   The young man wasn’t satisfied Something was amiss He kept all the commandments Life could have been bliss Money he had aplenty Life was easy street But still he came to Jesus His life was not complete   This life it is a passing thing Yet we get wed to things AndContinue reading “What Must I Do?”


The lamp is always burning The light is always there The presence of the Lord Turn to me in prayer   No matter where we’ve wandered No matter how we are I’m here I’ll listen to you Sit down pull up a chair   In the morning when you wake At night when you goContinue reading “Sanctuary”

United They Fall

I found Old Trafford too closed in High stands for haughty looks Tall structures focused on the pitch Failure given no truck These were the Fergie years Years of excess Then Liverpool came a-calling 4-1 they won ah bless   Fergie was an autocrat A single-minded power Gruff betimes and angry too He mellowed withContinue reading “United They Fall”

The Day She Died

I was introduced to death As an altar boy in church I carried the holy water for the priest We went to Tyldesley cemetery Coffin went in the ground I went back to class and took my seat   My father was introduced to death On Africa’s burning sands Saw a Scot’s lad drink himselfContinue reading “The Day She Died”

Being A Child

Matthew 19:13-15   We hear of childhood trauma all the time Grown up folk whose childhood was a crime That lass Anne Heche was dragged from town to town Abused tormented lost confused worn down   Let little children come to me The Lord so clearly states They are not lesser people Just smaller andContinue reading “Being A Child”

Out West

My brother walked on Blasket Mor Sacred island ground I saw it in a video The sight the scene the sound The likes of us O’Crohan said Will not be seen again The old way was dying out I saw it once back when   Back when I a child astor Came to my mother’sContinue reading “Out West”

A Face and a Voice

Two Aussie girls have left us Songsters in their time Judith of the stunning voice Olivia eyes that shine   Olivia had those brilliant eyes That so attractive face Judith pretty in her youth Her voice the means of grace   Beauty can be damaging Men are all agog But the voice will sing foreverContinue reading “A Face and a Voice”

Jesus and Sex

Matthew 19:3-12   The Taliban hide their women We put them on display No one gets it right Even to this day   We make a god of pleasure And woman is the field Her beauty our obsession Her fate with us is sealed   The Lord is asked a question Can men do whatContinue reading “Jesus and Sex”


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