Yoke of oxen ploughing fields
Beasts of burden heavy loads
Familiar sights to Jesus
On Galilean roads

Weary people on the street
Carrying life cares
Each new day another mile
Another set of stairs

Anxiety besets the heart
Worry wears us down
The sun still shines up in the sky
Why our worried frown?

Care-worn creatures all of us
Yoked to life’s demands
Burdened by the weight of woe
Governed by commands

A call is made – come to me
Here you will find rest
There is a yoke a gentle one
A burden that’s the best

Come to the Lord and learn from him
A lesson each new day
Be tied to goodness in your heart
Let worry fall away

Take up the burden of this day
Enough for everyone
Entrust yourself unto the Lord
And follow, follow on

Brian Fahy
15 Jul2021

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