A Sense of Place

I do not identify with England
Or with Ireland or any land come to that
I lived two years in Italy
Now Scotland twenty years
I’m not an I-Ti not a Jock and not a Pat

I like to keep identity more local
Tyldesley and Glencullen
Speak to me
A Lancashire Mayo man is my feeling
Supporting them means everything you see

I follow Bolton Wanderers all my life
A recipe of happiness not a bit
And Mayo I support in GAA
The Sam Maguire elusive still and yet…

I believe there’s a football match at Wembley
Lots of people getting high on hope
But Bolton won at Longridge in a friendly
And that is better than any kind of dope

So Italy and England
Do your damnedest
Reach for passing glory as you wish
But I’ll keep watching Wanderers
From a distance
The love of home
As sweet as any kiss

Brian Fahy
10 July 2021

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