Gets to grips
With negative stuff
It doesn’t play Mr Nice Guy
Let’s pretend
It deals in human language
We all use it right enough
But we use it badly
And come to a bad end

Anger and accusation
Drain the tank
Our energy for good
Then drains away
We smite the air with insults
We attack and we defend
Determined to be heard
To have our say

Let every word you utter
Say it well
Communicate the good
You wish to see
And if you nail a wrongdoing
Name it as you see
Do not attack the sinner
Let him be

Jesus had occasion
To be blunt
To call out evil
Call hypocrisy
But he never fell to insult
It does not serve the cause
Respect each one
Give them time to pause

Often works the wonder
Of turning sad and ugly
Into good
Be brave
In perseverance
Let negatives fade away
Bring the mind and heart
To face today

Brian Fahy
13 July 2021

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