Four days of golf
Down on the coast of Kent
Test of skill and temperament
Blest with sunny weather
International field assembled
Every summer annual event

Glorious shots
Wayward strokes
Up and down from there
In the bunker
Find the sand
Something in the air

Take your medicine
Make a par
A birdie or an eagle
Bogie double bogey, once
Rory did quadruple

They say it teaches life skills
Cope with rough and tumble
Replace your divots
Find your line
Certainly makes you humble

The drive the walk
Then find the green
Reach now for the putter
Touch and feel must now be seen
Or the ball is in the gutter

From tee to green is daily life
Make sure you find the fairway
You’re in the rough? Well fair enough
You still can find a stairway

Address the ball and drive it well
Now you’ve got the bug
Go out each day and play the course
And win the Claret Jug

Brian Fahy
16 July 2021

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