I have never known illness
Sickness in my life
Not in my body
My body has been fine
But in my mind and heart
Ah that’s a different thing
The ills I’ve suffered there
Well where to start!

Well I won’t start
You’ve heard it all before
And what was wrong
Is mended now
Is no longer sore
Just to say the suffering we know
Takes many forms
Not only a stubbed toe

Pope Francis
Is in hospital just now
But doing well
Able to take a bow
And to tell us
What the Gospel says today
A powerful lesson
To ease our ills away

People in their sickness
Feel alone
It isn’t just the illness
Causes pain
But feeling isolated
Cut off from all that’s dear
Disturbs the mind
And causes us to fear

And we
We can anoint
All those who’re sick
By powerful simple things
They do the trick
Listen and be close
Be tender in your way
We need the care of others

Brian Fahy
11 July 2021

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