Snapshot For Posterity

Snapshot For Posterity Aunty Kathleen, youngest childArguing with her mumMy grandma anxious for her goodAunty Nora watching onOlder sister enjoying funEnjoying where she stood Gran and Kathleen in the frayArguing the scoreNora butts in with her pieceAnd what’s more what’s more Kathleen’s having none of itBattling on two frontsEnough to face your mum and allDon’tContinue reading “Snapshot For Posterity”

Up With The Larkin

Larkin wrote in ’64About such innocence lostA golden jubilee of timeFaces in the mistYoung lads barely out of schoolTaking the boat to France‘Home by Christmas’ was the shoutFat chance! No chance I joined up in ‘64Seventeen years of ageGoing into religionLeaving the world’s stageNever should have done that thingFar too young to knowLet me goContinue reading “Up With The Larkin”

Where People Gather

Just read Larkins’ ‘Church Going’I like itHaunting atmospheric piece to readWondering what church stands for,Is it dreaming?Or wishing for a thought to be a deed My church back in HindsfordHas been closed nowNigh on twenty yearsAnd not pulled downPreservation order keeps it standingWhat for what for?There’s no one now around Is it a challenge?To ourContinue reading “Where People Gather”

Summer 1960

Gin Pit VillageGreat big football pitchRun around four timesYou’ve done a mileSummer 1960Olympics were it Rome?Imitated athletesKind of style Bernard MannionLed the runTalented footballerNearly played for Wanderers, he didPlayed for Lancashire BoysSaw him play at DeepdaleLight under a bushel can’t be hid Hot summer down in Gin PitLads all sat aroundKnew that I was goingContinue reading “Summer 1960”

On Reading ‘Aubade’ By Philip Larkin

On Reading ‘Aubade’ By Philip Larkin I write all day I don’t get drunk at nightI sleep sound and wake up at first lightI’ve lived my life in the light of resurrectionThis world I’ve always thought has a connectionTo what now came before, what comes afterThe sight and sounds of joy and merry laughterI’ve knownContinue reading “On Reading ‘Aubade’ By Philip Larkin”

Bowling Green Astley

Summer daysWe took a walk down AstleyAs far as Astley ParkThat our sceneMe and DavidMaybe sometimes puttingBut better by farOn the bowling green The game of bowlsFitful in my storyBut playing itWas like being in a dreamThe gentle rollOf wood across the carpetThe Jack beyondKeep it on the seam No riotous behaviourThis arenaNo raucous shoutsToContinue reading “Bowling Green Astley”

Steam And Dream

Tyldesley StationStanding on the platformCollecting namers shortly after schoolStillness of the stationQuiet, peacefulA place for meditationSo cool Then the noise of steam trainApproachingChuntering up the brew from Wigan wayThe belch of steamThe noise of carriage doorsNow openingAnd slamming doorsMind now, clear the way People getting onAnd folk alightingPorters and master move alongEngine driver smilingAnd enjoyingHisContinue reading “Steam And Dream”


Tyldesley StationEarly morning trainBrian coming home from IrelandGlad to see his home placeDear old TyldesleyGlad to be in ‘Bongs’Once again Porter on the platformBy a flowerbedBrian reportsAs he was duly toldHis ticket is invalidWhat’s to happen?Does he have to pay?To offer gold Staying overlongWith his cousinsHis ticket unbeknownstRuns out of timeThe collectorOn the train downContinue reading “Odyssey”