Morning And Evening Prayer

Blinds and curtain closed
Against the sun
To block out heat of day
In my bedroom
Prepare my chamber
For a night of sleep
Deeply dark and cool
The angels keep

Those quiet hours
Silently go by
The mind at rest
The body easy lie
Until the morning light
Creeps in again
Inviting me to rise
For sun or rain

Those hours of slumber
Darkness house so still
Brings to a close
The life I live at will
And in the morning light
Shall we try again?
Adventure of the day
In joy or pain

There was a day
I didn’t want to rise
A purpose now for life
Lost from my eyes
I couldn’t see a way
My spirit low
Energy gone
I didn’t want to know

Once bitten is enough
I’m now twice shy
My spirit good
Protection now my cry
I pray the Lord
To keep me in his way
To journey on
Don’t let me go astray

Things I learned in childhood
Now return
A morning prayer
Dear Lord to you I turn
A prayer at night
Examining the day
Into your hands O Lord
And so away

Brian Fahy
16 July 2021

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