Western Strands

We said we’d go to Carrowteigue
That morning
I knew the place so well
I loved the view
But the sky was down
That morning
Couldn’t see a thing
My brother smiled
Ah well
Something new

So we drove back in
And settled on Belmullet
That new hotel
That looks out on the sea
Lunchtime and by now
The sky was lifting
And Carrowteigue
Was winking back at me

Then inside Belmullet
We went driving
North and south
We drove the whole shebang
Blacksod and Faulmore
The wide Atlantic strand
And in the north
Eagle Island looking grand

World’s End
Is what it is that keeps me coming
Finisterre Land’s End
As you please
Where the ocean meets the land
And the land looks out to sea
And dreams of other places
In the breeze

Standing on a beach
Or on a headland
We look into the blue infinity
Fresh winds blow in our face
Refreshed we turn and trace
Our daily life and its complexity

Or should that be simplicity
It can be all these things just like the sea
Sometimes it blows a gale
Sometimes an easy sail
Be captain of your ship
It really depends
On thee

Brian Fahy
16 July 2021

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