Window on the World

Everyone needs a window on the world
A third floor window giving you a view
A view across the wide outside
A view down to the street
A place to sit and contemplate anew

From here you can look out on the world
And see the places life once took you to
You can visit them again in memory
And see so clearly things you couldn’t see
And enjoy the way that life’s been good to you

You can look down in the street at life today
At people passing by their busy day
You can speak to them and even say hello
Tell them mind your step as you go
Or just enjoy the children at their play

This blog for me a window on the world
A place to sit each day to read and write
To share my thoughts and feelings with whoever
The daily news reflections and the weather
To be a part of everything feels right

Our prison system’s cruel it gives no window
No prospect looking out to see beyond
And people in depression feel the same
Their room is dark the light will not come in
And light is what we need if to be found

So find yourself a window on the world
Your cosy chair the place where you can see
The loveliness of life all around you
The people that you love those who ground you
Look out today and see what you can see

Brian Fahy
11 July 2021

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