Erris Poetry

Erris Poetry is a poetry and essay site of Brian Fahy, a Lancashire man of Mayo lineage, who spent all his summers in Erris and Westport, County Mayo, and who now resides in the beautiful city of Stirling, in Scotland.

Latest Poems

Work for Peace

This is not a war said Putin But a special military operation I laughed at first and thought it was a lie A deceit a euphemism But today I understand It is what he meant What he intended to do   Feeling threatened by NATO And its expansion He sent in tanks to bolster hisContinue reading “Work for Peace”

I See

My eyes are getting weaker It’s old age Tired now from reading page on page Tired too from seeing on the screen What’s going on The now and the has been   Greedy we are For the latest sight to see A friend of mine has lost his sight Dear me But knowing him He’llContinue reading “I See”

All in All

Dark and dank December day Mist and fog the while And I inside all snug and warm Live in single file   Just myself to bother me Yes I live alone I am told there are millions of us Waiting by a phone   Talking is done on television And on the Internet Or inContinue reading “All in All”

Brian Fahy lives in Stirling, Scotland. He grew up in Tyldesley, near Manchester, then a coal mining town. His father and grandfather were miners. His mother was from Erris in County Mayo and summer holidays were spent in the west of Ireland. His father’s people were also Irish with Mayo, Sligo and Monaghan connections. His father saw service in the British army for six years followed by six more years of war: North Africa, Normandy and the advance into Germany. Brian is now retired and enjoys writing verse to recapture old memories and share stories.

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