Erris Poetry

Erris Poetry is a poetry and essay site of Brian Fahy, a Lancashire man of Mayo lineage, who spent all his summers in Erris and Westport, County Mayo, and who now resides in the beautiful city of Stirling, in Scotland.

Latest Poems

Stealing Coal

Her uncle did two years in jail For something he didn’t do He confessed to stealing coal As poverty makes you do His brother was the culprit But he was invalid Back from the war And lost a leg A shattered man A human wreck He’d never last a day inside And so a familyContinue reading “Stealing Coal”

Hilary The Child

  A child brought up by nuns! God help her!   My catholic school was brilliant All lay teachers there A warm and happy place I lived without a care   But I know what she is getting at When celibacy runs cold And black-robed priests and nuns Like making sure you’re told   ThoseContinue reading “Hilary The Child”

Be Brave

Everybody hurts Says the song It’s true enough Be life short or long Mantel lost her father Then she lost her health Cannot now have children That joy that bliss that wealth   The time of Reformation Everybody hurts Hunting down the heretics Burning innocents Ever since the argument Who is right or wrong? CatholicContinue reading “Be Brave”

Brian Fahy lives in Stirling, Scotland. He grew up in Tyldesley, near Manchester, then a coal mining town. His father and grandfather were miners. His mother was from Erris in County Mayo and summer holidays were spent in the west of Ireland. His father’s people were also Irish with Mayo, Sligo and Monaghan connections. His father saw service in the British army for six years followed by six more years of war: North Africa, Normandy and the advance into Germany. Brian is now retired and enjoys writing verse to recapture old memories and share stories.

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