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Erris Poetry is a poetry and essay site of Brian Fahy, a Lancashire man of Mayo lineage, who spent all his summers in Erris and Westport, County Mayo, and who now resides in the beautiful city of Stirling, in Scotland.

Latest Poems

Writing On The Ground

John 8:1-11   In an interview shortly after his election as pope, Pope Francis was asked, ‘Who is Jorge Bergoglio?’ He paused for some time before answering, ‘I am a sinner.’ Not the answer the interviewer was expecting. Perhaps he wanted to know about the background of the new pope, something of his life story…


An old man now But heart so young A preacher of the Lord Sunday appointment in the Square To break and share the word   Today the tomb of Lazarus An image of our life When suffering and sadness Turn our worlds to strife When darkness seems to cover us And there’s no end in…

Calling Lazarus

Clocks go forward Morning comes too soon Feeling rushed I stretch out in my room Today the day for Lazarus Called out from the tomb So I rise from bed Not yet the day of doom   The Lord who saved so many Could not save himself That the taunt of many Jesus beyond help…

Brian Fahy lives in Stirling, Scotland. He grew up in Tyldesley, near Manchester, then a coal mining town. His father and grandfather were miners. His mother was from Erris in County Mayo and summer holidays were spent in the west of Ireland. His father’s people were also Irish with Mayo, Sligo and Monaghan connections. His father saw service in the British army for six years followed by six more years of war: North Africa, Normandy and the advance into Germany. Brian is now retired and enjoys writing verse to recapture old memories and share stories.

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