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Erris Poetry is a poetry and essay site of Brian Fahy, a Lancashire man of Mayo lineage, who spent all his summers in Erris and Westport, County Mayo, and who now resides in the beautiful city of Stirling, in Scotland.

Latest Poems

The Ways Of Life

My grandson started school today A milestone on the road He will learn so many things I know So many skills upload And more than that he’ll make new friends And see what others do And learn to play his part in life And how not to jump the queue   A farmer and theContinue reading “The Ways Of Life”

Rich And Poor

Matthew 19:23-30   The rich can be obscenely rich The poor obscenely poor There will always be the rich man And the poor man at his door   I once lived in a stately home Far from the madding crowd Isolated seminary A red brick living shroud   The stately homes of any land ScreamContinue reading “Rich And Poor”

What Must I Do?

Matthew 19:16-22   The young man wasn’t satisfied Something was amiss He kept all the commandments Life could have been bliss Money he had aplenty Life was easy street But still he came to Jesus His life was not complete   This life it is a passing thing Yet we get wed to things AndContinue reading “What Must I Do?”

Brian Fahy lives in Stirling, Scotland. He grew up in Tyldesley, near Manchester, then a coal mining town. His father and grandfather were miners. His mother was from Erris in County Mayo and summer holidays were spent in the west of Ireland. His father’s people were also Irish with Mayo, Sligo and Monaghan connections. His father saw service in the British army for six years followed by six more years of war: North Africa, Normandy and the advance into Germany. Brian is now retired and enjoys writing verse to recapture old memories and share stories.

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