Dank dreich drizzle fallingContinues our wet May maulingGrey sky overheadUnderfoot wet bedOf weeds and thistlesNeeding overhauling Summer was in AprilThat bright TuesdayEver since itsWe are not amused dayCold wet and windyIs our stationDon’t even mention the wordVacation Climate changeLooks all the same to meYou wouldn’t mindIf this was JanuaryBut May! I ask youWhat in tarnation’sContinue reading “Weather”

Papal Impressions

Papal Impressions Pacelli appears gaunt solemn seriousA man in isolation lonely popeDeep set eyes intelligenceAll things come through mePapal power honour, bend the knee Roncalli total oppositeA granddadOpen-hearted, world-embracing manExperienced war twice overPeasant countrymanOpened windows letting fresh air in Montini churchman brightIntelligentHad to face a world in total fluxSwinging sixtiesSwept away conventionsRevolutions pillsAll too muchContinue reading “Papal Impressions”

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Quiet corners of the worldInvite our spirit inCome and rest your weary heartCome away from din Dorinish out in Clew BayAn island you could buyA refuge and retirement homeIt caught John Lennon’s eye Escape from noisy drug-fuelled worldIsland in the streamA home he’d build in later yearsThat, that was his dream McCartney too the sixtiesContinue reading “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

Into Thy Hands

When I fall asleepI trust that I will wakeIt happens every nightI hardly thinkGrateful for the end of daySinking into restClose my eyesUnconscious in a blink Boxing matchesOnce went on and onUntil one or t’ otherFell to groundExhaustion was often timesThe winnerWearing down the fightersRound by round Football matches lastFor ninety minutesIt’s good to knowTheContinue reading “Into Thy Hands”

How It’s Done

Avert your eyesDon’t see what’s there to seeWe’re making moneyOut of slaveryMy register of accountsIs telling meHow rich we areWe’ll build a mansion, see There is another costI do not seeThe collars, cuffs and chainsOf slaveryThe reason isI never visit thereWhere CaribbeanCreatures are my careAnd anywayThey are notThe same as usLesser humans reallyWhat’s the fuss?Continue reading “How It’s Done”

Mary At The Cross

Why stand before a crossAnd watch him die?Why even be there at all?Your sorrow enoughTo want to flyTo flee from hereAvoid unseemly brawl But no you cameAnd stood beside the crossWith Mary, wife of ClopasAt your sideMagdalene and JohnSupporting youAll others fledGone off they to hide What use is this?Standing in this placeWatching him dieLookingContinue reading “Mary At The Cross”

Homily In Verse

I have seen Pope FrancisStill in meditationBefore the Holy Sacrament divineIn silence in communion with the SaviourContent to be there, content to spend his time The fruit of that silenceIs his sermonThe word he shares with everyone aroundToday he tells about God’s Holy SpiritThe difference that it makes so profound A Comforter who transformsOur everyContinue reading “Homily In Verse”

Remember Fangio

David lives in MonacoTha knowsMonte Carlo South of FranceAn’ allUsed to live in Henry StreetBongs? Aye Bongs is reetNow a place the RomansOnce called Gaul Spoke to Him on VideoT’other dayHe arranged itNice to say helloHe mentioned the Grand PrixTaking place todaySet me off a-thinkingLong ago We used to playAt racing cars in his placeRacingContinue reading “Remember Fangio”