Life’s Battle

The Great War
Left great hurt behind
Great void great loss of meaning
Deep silence over everything
And the bitter sound of keening

The folly of the Twenties
When everyone went dancing
Dancing into darkness
Into night
Drink champagne get legless
Enjoy life while you can
Our memories hurting
Only give us fright

The fear of ever fighting
Gave politicians pause
Hesitant to raise their voice again
Discontent in Germany
A country on its knees
Gave rise to fearful angers
Fearsome men

The lesson of appeasement
Is not to go to war
But to find the strength and courage
To resist
To take a stand for what is right
And let the other know
We stand for certain principles
On these we must insist

The life of Jesus
What does it mean?
A way of ease and peace?
Not a chance not a chance
Our battles never cease
Things matter in this life
Justice truth love
Stand by these in all you do
It’s the only way to live

Brian Fahy
12 July 2021

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