Heaven Above

If there’s no God above
When I get there
I won’t ask for my money back
You see
Being good and truthful is the ticket
You won’t hear
Any complaining now from me

Being true
To all that’s in our nature
Discovering the best that you can be
And living life
In simple recognition
That human kindness
Trumps all cruelty

But there’s more to life
Than meets the eye
You know that
The human spirit and its mystery
Philosophy psychology theology
Origin and teleology

There is a way
Of finding God within you
Speak with him in that secret place
The human heart is home
To all that’s lovely
Don’t desecrate
Don’t turn away your face

Ask and you shall receive
The faithful message
Seek and you shall find
The honest truth
Knock and the door will be opened
You are welcome
I am he
I will restore your youth

Brian Fahy
22 July 2021

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