A Flickering Flame

Matthew 12:38-42

I saw it
Every time I went inside
That flickering flame – I am present here
Quiet church silent sanctuary
A flame of light I am always near

Sign enough for me
I believed
Jesus in the flesh and in the flame
Real presence of the Lord
Tabernacle-d here
And in my heart I’m told
The very same

Asking for a sign
Is hedging bets
The evidence is here before our eyes
The Lord sets out to preach and heal
To show the way
To make life real
This is revelation no disguise

The greatest sign of all
Was lifted up
Jesus on a cross on Calvary
They crucified the innocent
They know not what they do
But loves endures
It’s love that sets us free

The world still looks for signs
It wants to know
How to live
And yes where do we go
The Lord alive in you
A presence through and through
A living flame
A dark world’s candle glow

Brian Fahy
19 July 2021

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