O That Today

Matthew 13:1-9

Lakeside auditorium
Tell a story now
About a sower who goes out sowing seed
Look at all these people
Listening to me now
How many do you think will really heed?

What kind of soil am I?
Will a seed take root in me?
Am I good for anything other than myself?
Am I really fertile ground?
Do others find me sound?
Or am I left alone upon a shelf?

There’s a dignity to find
In all of humankind
A dignity oft hidden in the dark
The word of God is meant for us
To bring our souls to life
But we give up we call this life a lark

The Lord he kept on preaching
Believed it worth the while
Even if we turn and walk away
His word is spoken daily
Come listen if you will
It has a power to save you
Yes today

Brian Fahy
21 July 2021

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