The Worries of the World

Matthew 13:18-23

The worries of the world
The lure of riches
Are these the things that occupy the mind?
The seed that falls among thorns
I recognise it
Covers most of us
The cruel and the kind

What do we do?
When we have lost the point of living
When the purposes of life have gone astray
We feed on bread and circuses
For comfort
So Juvenal of the people of his day

The worries of the world
Are always with us
The lure of riches never far away
Tempted to indulge ourselves
Anxious all the time
How survive even for a day!

We cannot live on bread alone
And circuses can pall
The spirit needs much more if we’re to live
The word of God to nourish us
A bite size every day
The Lord who fed the crowds
Is here to give

Brian Fahy
23 July 2021

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