Today is an anniversary
Exact in every way
Sunday 18 July
Feast of the Holy Redeemer
And the day I came away

Came away from Sunderland
Left the Reds behind
Left the role of priest
And confrere too

Left a life of thirty years
Forty including school
All I’d ever known
Yet I left it cool

All the struggles over
I calmly stepped outside
Joined the world again
I’d last known as a child

Still I follow Jesus
Read scripture every day
Keep the Lord close by me
Always, always pray

Human development
Where it all went wrong
Taken from my family
Before the heart grew strong

Channelled to be celibate
What a thing to do!
No freedom this no open choice
No – this is what you do

Walked that road so many years
Tried my level best
Finally meeting Maggie
Well you know the rest

So cheers for an anniversary
It comes with joy and pain
The harvest of my life so rich
I count the story gain

Brian Fahy
18 July 2021

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