May I Suggest

Why do you tell stories?
They ask him
Why not speak in plain and simple facts?
Sower and seed
Wheat and weeds
Boy leaves home same boy then comes back

Why not say it bold
As it is
Why not tell them straight
Yorkshire style
Why go round the houses
With a story
What’s the point of that?
Did Jesus smile?

John McGahern
Helped me with an answer
He spoke of writing how it’s good or bad
Bad writing is a statement
Bald and bare
It leaves the hearer
Indifferent or sad

Good writing is suggestion
A proposal
Invites the reader well
What do you think?
It involves the reader
Party to the process
Leads you to the water
Will you drink?

In parables
Jesus gives suggestion
Come inside the story
Look around
What do you think is happening?
What is going on?
I leave it with you
This is holy ground

Brian Fahy
22 July 2021

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