A Rush Of Wind

Immigrants in rubber dinghies
Seek our shores
Branson in his plane
Seeks outer space
The billionaire has technology
To help him reach his goal
The immigrants don’t know
What they will face

The UK they’ve been told
A land of promise
A place to settle down and make a life
The natives on the other hand
Are restless
The green and pleasant land
Now full of strife

Our island
Is a blessed plot of land
The sea around
Gives us a sense serene
But the downside
A degree of isolation
Receiving strangers
Well we’re not that keen

We don’t mind going out
And coming home
We’ve been doing it for years
We’re maritime
But others coming here
Well that’s a problem
We haven’t got the room
Better luck next time

David Olusoga
Makes a good point
About Black people in the NHS
They were people that we needed
For their service
But we didn’t want them
And that’s a kind of mess

The point of this reflection
Is to challenge
The set up and the mind-set that we bring
Whatever be our challenges
Examine your own heart
Is it justice or is it prejudice
Your thing

Brian Fahy
20 July 2021

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