Somewhere South Of Naples

Somewhere South Of Naples

I stepped down from the train
Night had fallen
Somewhere south of Naples
That I knew
I looked along the platform
Not a sausage
Where is my friend?
I’m counting now on you

He had phoned me
And told me come to Naples
He’s the kind of guy
To whom you don’t say ‘no’
Pasquale di Prisco
Once a brother
A brilliant chef
Now a husband too

I but a week or two in Italy
Hardly spoke the language
Just begun
Now alone in darkness
All around me
This train bound for Sicily
And the sun

Two guys aboard
Look out and wonder softly
‘Dove siamo?’
‘No lo so’ reply
Nocera Inferiore
On the signpost
They no wiser
Look up to the sky

Then I heard a shout
Thank God! Pasquale
Weekend now begins
We’ll have some fun
Fantastic meal and welcome
Visitors to boot
Husband wife and son
To practise on!

We sat around the table
Food to die for
Vino flowed
Conversation too
I probably destroyed
The Italian language
I didn’t care
Their welcome was so true

Next evening returning
Back in Rome
Two years of study
Lay ahead to do
But my introductory course
Had been a winner
Dove siamo…non lo so
I do!

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