Ancestral Home

We walked into the house
As if it was our own
You’ve only been away
And now you have come home

We had travelled over land and sea
By bus and train and boat
Twenty-four hours of journeying
Here take off your coat

Down in that glen a paradise
A world of cousins there
A river and the fields around
A time without a care

My cousins shouted at my Nan
And Nan she shouted back
Were they angry at each other?
Is this what they call the craic?

No Nan was deaf that’s all it was
So volume was required
Her bed beside the fire so warm
Each night she there retired

From that dear lady so beloved
A might clan has grown
We’re spread abroad we’ve left the glen
Yet claim it as our own

The Careys of Glencullen
I salute you one and all
I never knew a dearer place
Than that ancestral stall

Brian Fahy
17 July 2021

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