Gentle Man

Jesus was a gentleman
What does that make you think?
That he was upper class?
I don’t think so
Jesus was a gentle man
That’s a better start
He was by nature kind
He had a kindly heart

We tend to think in binary
Someone is soft or strong
Force is firm and soft is weak
We couldn’t be more wrong
The blending of the two is seen
Justice and mercy meet
In the man who came from Nazareth
Walking down the street

He doesn’t crush the bruised reed
Nor quench the wavering flame
But he insists on justice
This is no silly game
His enemies took him seriously
And plotted his demise
The gentle one they crucified
His cry it pierced the skies

The Lord will give us eyes to see
A heart to understand
And gentleness to rule your life
Withal a strong command
Go out into the world each day
True faith in God profess
And let each person find in you
The warmth of God’s caress

Brian Fahy
17 July 2021

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