The Road You Travel

I studied Greek and Latin
At the school
Seminary classics was the rule
Got top marks in Greek
Really loved it too
Latin a close second
Really cool

At that age
My dad was down the pit
14 years of age
Down the mine
Never saw daylight sometimes
On a three day week
Poorly paid
The conditions of the time

I went off to Perth
And ‘left the world’
Seriously would you believe?
The carry on
Young lads saying prayers
Cut off from the stream
Induced to making vows
It was a con

Dad he joined the army
See the world
That’s what I call sense
Find yourself
Loved his life in India
Young and fighting fit
But football dreams
Were put upon the shelf

Dressed in black
Sent into the ‘world’
A world I’d never been
Allowed to know
Boy priest at the ready
Do as you are told
My spirit had receded long ago

Dad – he found himself at war
Six long years
Iraq and Africa
Home met mum and wed
Back to army station
Off to France
Where many died and bled

Our early life is not
Of our own choosing
We find ourselves in places and conditions
We make our way through life
Grow wise and strong through strife
And hopefully find our way to true solutions

Brian Fahy
5 July 2021

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