On Seeing The Crowds

The crowd the expectation was too much
Everyone looking, watching what you do
This crowd a courtly crowd and kind
But still a fiery spotlight onto you

At first she had played with free abandon
So young so happy to be there
But now the world is talking
Focus all on you
Give me air please God give me air

Crowds need controlling for our safety
Uncontrolled they run amok destroy
The crowd of social media is a menace
A threat to social harmony and joy

Sheep without a shepherd was his comment
When Jesus saw the crowds all massed around
People so harassed and dejected
Whose lives are slowly worn down to the ground

We are our brother’s keeper every one
Take care of one another as we can
Let soulless crowds disperse into the air
Let life be lived in person one to one

Brian Fahy
6 July 2021

+ A young tennis player is overcome by the occasion and the expectation of the crowd. Today’s gospel speaks about the crowds and their sometimes, unhealthy ways. BF.

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