Written In Heaven

Write down his name
Now strike it out
Said Danaher to his man
The writing of the name
As real as blood
The striking out
A punishment
A fist into the face
Quiet Man look out

Our names
We write on paper
When first we go to school
Those marks
The most personal we make
Written on our copy book
The first of many more
We hope to make our mark
For living’s sake

One day
Inscribed on stone perhaps
With date of birth and death
Our name gives witness to our life and time
And someone will remember us
Please God with happy thoughts
And say our names out loud
A haunting chime

But better still
The words of Christ
The ones we need to hear
When disciples full of eagerness
Make the grade
Rejoice he said not in success
Whatever that may be
Such glories are a fleeting accolade

Rejoice in simple goodness
In the daily run of life
The words the deeds
That write your name in heaven
The names now written there
Will never be struck out
And even Red Will Danaher is forgiven

Brian Fahy
7 July 2021

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