Saving Your Soul

Yes there are folk who can harm us
There are bullies and robbers and cheats
Situations that can alarm us
Fear of failure despair or defeat

There are arguments, pressure annoyance
There are days when nothing goes right
Times that seem out of balance
Behaviour that gives us a fright

There are people overcome by disaster
Volcanoes tsunamis and war
Overcome by things we can’t master
Sometimes the blame at our door

Buildings collapse go on fire
Greed and neglect as the cause
Caught in a mess and a mire
Such tragedies ought to give pause

Important to hear, ‘Do not fear
Do not be afraid,’ says the Lord
Life can go on and with cheer
Just take this lesson on board

There is only one thing to fear
As you make your journey through life
To the spirit of evil draw near
Will destroy you as if with a knife

Avoid the spirit of evil
Banish it far from your soul
Fall in league with the devil
You’ll find yourself in a hole

Days of sadness and sorrow
Will come to us as to the Lord
But we journey on to the morrow
So bright – take the Lord at his word

Brian Fahy
10 July 2021

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