The Sum Of Generations

Nine years I’ve lived alone
Since Margaret died
A testing time
But a while now since I’ve cried
The days have settled down
I am contentedly alone
Not lonely as I was
I feel at home

I am blessed in my neighbours
In my son
I am blessed in health
Still time to run
And the arrival of two boys
Two grandsons of my own
Brings added joy
To days of setting sun

To see them in my house
To see how they are growing
Each time they come
My joy is overflowing
To speak with them and know them
Their characters alive
And part of my life journey
Is to thrive

They give me hugs and kisses
When they leave me
They wave their hands
Are generous with their smiles
I give them chocolate buttons
When they call here
Yes granddads have their uses
And their wiles

This is the sudden joy
I never thought of
The life of these two boys
Tied to my own
My son of course
What would I do without him!
The family connection
Son grandson

Brian Fahy
8 July 2021

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