He Touched Me

He runs at people very fast
He runs and runs around
Sometimes he’s tripped
Sometimes he falls
Sometimes he goes to ground

He’s very good at what he does
A footballer supreme
Often abused un-sportingly
The Sterling boy Raheem

Now penalties are quite an art
The getting them I mean
With every body watching now
And the powerful TV screen

It used to be bad tackles
And handball the foul deed
But now the faintest contact
A touch is all you need

Collapse just like a house of cards
Fall over hold your knee
Raise your hands and scream like hell
Surround the referee

Well England deserved to win the game
But that is not the point
The end never justifies the means
If so we are out of joint

So Raheem ran into the box
Defenders all around
He fell or was he pushed?
I think he went to ground

Brian Fahy
8 July 2021

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