Flowing Water

Water comes from a tap
Food comes from a shop
That’s the way it’s been
All my life
But when I went to Ireland
At my mammy’s house to stay
I learned a different truth
A truer way

Water comes from the river
Food comes from the ground
That’s the truth
How it all begins
And cattle lived beside them
Under the same roof
Their body heat
To keep them warm within

I have looked along
That wide Glencullen valley
And seen the houses
Strung out in a line
They are tied beside the river
Just where the water flows
Their little fields
The patch where all food grows

A community of people
United by a stream
Who journey down for water every day
Who plant their food in tidy drills
Who raise their children well
That constant flow of water their mainstay

There’s a flow of grace of goodness
On offer to us all
Enough to keep us going
Each new day
Take your pail down to the river
Draw up the store you need
The river flows for you
Mark its way

Brian Fahy
10 July 2021

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