Sheep and Wolves

Not everyone’s as good as you are, Brian
Words my dear old father said to me
I’ve forgotten the conversation
But those words ring in my ears
He knew a thing or two did my old man

I was schooled in goodness
Scripture prayer
Formed into a priest
Atmosphere so rare
Didn’t know a thing about the world
Had never met with argument or deceit

My father on the other hand had known
The poverty of childhood and its woes
The toughness of the army
The viciousness of war
The sight of mangled bodies
On the ground

He still believed in goodness
Did my dad
But he also knew it’s important to beware
Beware of those who’d kid you
Who’d take you for a fool
Who’d rob you blind
With still an innocent stare

The Lord
When giving out instruction
Told his friends
You’re sheep among the wolves
I hope you know
Be innocent as doves
So do not harm
But beware of friends who really are a foe

Last night I watched the story
Of a hero
One Katherine Gun who stood up to the state
As good as gold she was
And yet was hounded
Threatened with imprisonment and hate

She broke
The Official Secrets Act
When dirty deeds were used to win a vote
The government didn’t like it
She soon was stamped upon
They thought to stop her
Grab her by the throat

To stand out from the crowd
And be yourself
And true to conscience
Stand and humbly say
While all around, are shouting ‘Crucify!’
Now that’s a story
Happens every day

Brian Fahy
9 July 2021

+ Official Secrets is a film that tells the story of Katherine Gun and the run up to the second Iraq War.

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