Mary Magdalen

Blinded by grief she could not see

Much less could she understand

An empty tomb and what it means

No sense could she command

Except he’s gone I don’t know where

Some one robbed the place

Blinded by tears she turns to one

But does not know the face


And then she hears the voice again

Ah yes she knows that sound

How often did she listen when

He spoke to all around

That personal sound so intimate

That comes from deepest heart

He spoke her name she knew him then

And death is blown apart


The voice of Jesus speaks to you

In scripture and in prayer

And most of all he’s with you

When you think he is not there

Ever present at your side

He gently speaks your name

‘Master’, we cry I hear you

My life restore again


Brian Fahy

11 April 2023  

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