Among The Rubble

Brought home from France

A souvenir of war

A crucifix found in rubble

Where recently a church had stood

A Christian home for Christian people there


The finder was a padre in the forces

A forager and collector of things lost

And home he came to England and to Rutland

And in a tiny church gave it a home


A hundred years it stood in Anglian fields

And witnessed to the cruelty of man

The figure on the cross who lived and died for all

To teach us love and keep us from the fall


And then a boy spoke up among the crowd

Shouldn’t we give it back his simple cry

And so they looked and found that what was lost

A church in France had risen to the sky


The cross is going home the story told

Yet crucifixions happen every day

Whatever you do to others you do to me

Let this inspire us now and let us pray


Brian Fahy

9 April 2023

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