They gathered in the Dail

In Leinster House

Representatives of Ireland gathered there

And a returned Yank addressed them

Spoke of Ireland

And of his love for pure Irish air


Great to see a nation come together

Assembled in one place to hear a speech

A willingness to share in echoed story

Desire for something often out of reach


A hundred years ago and more

Earnest folk assembled

Talked and argued – argued talked some more

And in the end to bloodshed fell

Divided by their love

Died for Ireland who really should have lived


But bloodshed fires the mind to foolish things

And many died dreaming foolish dreams

Until exhaustion brings the lesson home

Life needs time and life’s not what it seems


The risen Lord bore wounds upon his body

His suffering was real he truly died

But risen now he shows the way to glory

Live in peace the world too often cries


Brian Fahy

13 April 2023

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