Don’t Tell Tales

Matthew 28:8-15


Why would they steal a body?

Tell me that

And say he was alive if he was dead

What mileage would they get from that?

What purpose would it serve?

Ridiculous the thought of it

Are you right in the head!


And all the joy they came into

And all the faith they found

And all the lives they lived from then

This world their sacred ground

And all the love they preached from then

The witness that they bore

You don’t do that for coffins

Or tombs or grieving sore


You do it because he rose again

And so confirmed my life

You do it for the love of him

Who endured all the strife

You do it ‘cause you know the score

From morning light till eve

Christ is truly risen

And this we now believe


Brian Fahy

10 April 2023

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