Early Morning Light

At first light

At the peep of dawn

At the break of day

Orto iam sole

Just as the sun was rising

The women go to the tomb

Walking through quiet unflustered streets

To anoint and lay to rest their broken Lord


But something is amiss

The stone is moved

The place has been disturbed

The soldiers gone

Some one says he is not here

He is alive and gone to Galilee

Go tell the men these things

And so they do


Those women have been messengers to me

All my life I listen to what they say

And I know it’s true

For this world is not a problem to be solved

It is a story to be told

And what matters is in whom do you believe


I will go to Galilee

As he told me to

I will see him there


Brian Fahy

8 April 2023

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