Before The Cross

You are not dead

You died

And when you died we cried for you

And for ourselves

Now left alone to grieve


You went where we can’t follow

Cannot see or even think be true

Believed yes and hoped

But felt we did not know


Ten years since you’re gone

Twelve since mammy died

And my father’s death

Such a long long time


But now it’s all a piece

With other deaths and other folks I know

And going to the graveyard

Became a lesser task

For life is here and you are alive

And all of you are near


I listened to John’s Gospel read today

The people sat

The priest sat and from his solemn throne

In dulcet tones told out the tale

From Gethsemane to Calvary

And then into the tomb


And I knew as I have always known

That God is good and we shall live

And we shall meet again

We know where and we know when

In Jesus Christ Our Lord


Brian Fahy

7 April 2023

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