Good Friday

Good Friday

The day the good man died

And when he died we thought

Goodness isn’t worth it

Goodness only goes so far

And then gets crucified


And so we battle bravely

We also curse and swear

We get annoyed frustrated

Time to tear our hair

But what’s the point of anger?

Who are we trying to fool?

What is the great achievement?

What is the greatest rule?


Love the other as yourself

Not just when it pleases

Not when it’s convenient

Not just when it eases

But face each one before you

And speak the honest way

As Jesus before Pilate

On this fateful day


And know that this was victory

This death upon the cross

When Jesus bore our sins away

When Jesus bore the loss

And risen now in glory

His spirit in your heart

Live your life in kindness

This world needs your part


Brian Fahy

7 April 2023

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