Sickness and Health

The drama of the Passion plays today

In Peter’s Square

I see Pope Francis there

He speaks about the Lord

The abandoned one

And all who suffer

Especially the lonely one


I felt like that the other night

You know

Acid reflux dealt its cruel blow

And I ignorant of medicines

Did not sleep a wink

Two sleepless nights came on me

Until I found the drink


Help is very near when you ask

I have good neighbours equal to the task

And Gaviscon to soothe the inner man

And finally sleep to restore

This fond old man


Brian Fahy

2 April 2023


+ In junior seminary I was never taught human biology, a very strange omission when you come to think about it. The first gift of life is our body, but we were swiftly transferred to the soul! So these past few days I have been reading about the human body and food and energy and sleep. I will make some changes now in diet and follow all the good advice.



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