How Will It End?

Everyone is wondering

When the war is going to end

Between Russia and Ukraine

How will it go?

What solution will be found?

To help us make a peace

Who will win and who will lose

Our questions never cease


So I took my self to Mearshimer

That modern realist

He told it straight

And I liked what he said

It will not end

A solution won’t be found

A frozen mess the outcome there will be


Think back to World War Two

Who won the battle there?

Nobody won everyone lost

The world looked in despair

Germany was broken

Britain on its knees

And Russia our ‘wartime ally’

Was revealed for what it be


We faced a communist enemy

A cold war ensued

Wars don’t end in victory

Everyone’s abused


And here in Holy Week

The Lord faces his doom

Judas will betray him

And quickly leaves the room

The thing’s a mess

This Passion tale

But it speaks to us again

Live by the sword you die by the sword

Hate is your enemy


So life for you and life for me

Does not know fairy tales

Sorrow and suffering come our way

Like winter storms and gales

But the Lord invites us to his side

To his final victory

Take up the cross and carry it

And gently follow me


Brian Fahy

4 April 2023

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