The Truth Will Make You Free

You have to live with yourself

You are your own companion every day

Sometimes we are not nice to know

Sometimes we’d rather flee and go

Where nobody knows the truth

And stay away


But truth is always there

No matter what you do

Someday you must go home to self

You have to live with you

And if your heart is darkness

And you can find no light

Better to talk to someone

Someone to share your plight


The word of God invites us home

Read it every day

Live in the presence of the Lord

Listen to what he’ll say

Anyone who commits a sin

That person is not free

Better to confess the wrong we do

And live life verily


Brian Fahy

29 March 2023


+ A Norwegian girl, Martine Vik Magnussen, was cruelly murdered in London in 2008. The only suspect, Farouq Abdulhak, fled to Yemen and has remained there out of the reach of the Law. Interviewed by a journalist, he has come as near as he can to being open about what happened on that fateful night, but locked away in his house, alone and not willing to talk openly, he lives the burdened life for what he has done.

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