Transport Child

He put a pistol to his head

But you lighted candles in the dark

From your room you saw the Torah burn

Bonfires of hate on Kristallnacht we learn

A fire to rage for years and miles and years

The fire of guns the ovens in their turn

The burning rage inside a violent heart

Carried a world to tear itself apart

But you – you got away – Kindertransport

And lived to ninety-two so the report

A picture shows you standing at a window

A candle burning bright for all who hope

And a memory of all that hatred does

Blotting out names and faces human lives

Do not curse the dark that candle says

Light the world with truth and daily bread

Care for one another

Show the way

Your life a witness

My turn now today


Brian Fahy

21 March 2023


+ After reading the obituary of Ernest Simon in the Guardian today.

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