A New Ireland

The DUP says  ‘no’

Never never never

It comes as no surprise

That’s them ever ever

And fair enough I have to say

True to themselves they are

They cannot contemplate the green

That a step too far


Plantation was an imposition

A ruse that led to war

But once imposed and taken root

Won’t go back in the jar

It’s taken time and taken years

And both sides have to change

And younger folk will come along

The world to rearrange


United Ireland cannot be

A mixture of the old

The new must come and learn to be

A family in one fold

Away with catholic Ireland

Away with protestant too

An ecumenical future

I’ll pray that to be true


Brian Fahy

20 March 2023


+ The Civil War in Ireland was a heart-breaking thing. Brutal too. We long for things that cannot so easily be. We cannot impose our way of seeing things on everyone else.

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