Well Then?

I remember days

When I didn’t want to know

When waking up was sadness

Nowhere I want to go

When energy for living

Had sorely drained away

And getting out of bed

Too much for me today


A man beside a healing pool

Ill nigh forty years

Lives now with his illness

A comfort in his tears

Until a vital question

Is put to him that day

Do you really want your health?

Or shall I go away


Feeling sorry for ourselves

How everything went wrong

Can cause us to stagnate in life

We sing the same old song

But if this life’s for living

And I do believe it is

Then ask the Lord for healing

And come to know its bliss


Brian Fahy

21 March 2023


+ We can grow accustomed to our sorrows and wallow in them. At the Pool of Siloam Jesus asks a sick man, ‘Do you want to be well again?’

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