White Man’s World

Twenty years ago today

We witnessed shock and awe

The American compulsion

To take themselves to war

Unleashing bombs destroying lives

Out for great revenge

We can do it so we will

An out and out power binge


And we’re complicit so we are

Ordered by Tony Blair

A decent pleasant honest chap

Left with a long long stare

Tony was persuaded

That to go to war was right

I could see it from the side lines

For distance helps lend light


Tony Blair persuaded himself

You could see it in the chamber

Robin Cook laid down the mark

Look out look out for danger

And white men in ascendancy

Despising shades of brown

Considered power all their own

Heads should now hang down


Brian Fahy

20 March 2023


+ The healing of the man born blind, yesterday’s gospel, is a gospel for all of us. How do we ‘see’ the world? For all our desire to be just and to appear just, we are also a conditioned people. White man’s rule in a white man’s world causes us to feel superior to those who are not white. We live unaware of it because the only world we have ever known is the white man’s world.

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