It was a quiet country pub

I visited each day

At evening time when work was done

I walked along the way

Through the quiet village lane

Paper in my hand

Ordered my pint and took my seat

Looked out on Austen’s land


Leaded windows cosy chair

A glass of healthy beer

And the quiet of the evening

To soothe my lurking fear

For I was now in no man’s land

Away from one I loved

Uncertain of the future

No help but God above


But this was help this quiet place

And gentle friends around

And that daily walk along the lane

To sit in holy ground

I went to see a counsellor

And came into my own

The power to guide my life myself

For then my self was born


Brian Fahy

19 March 2023


+ At a crisis point in my life I lived for a year in the village of Chawton. An old priest kept a watchful eye on me and made sure I went for my evening pint each day. The Greyfriar pub in the village holds many fond memories for me.

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