Mum’s The Word

Mother’s Day today

I didn’t know

I’d seen some cards in Waitrose

But that was days ago

And all the mammys in my life

Have vanished with the snow

My own dear Mum and Margaret

Have died some years ago


But my clan was blessed with mothers

I bless them all today

And count my life enriched

By every one I’d say

Beginning with my father’s mum

Nanna down Astley way

Whose apple pie to die for

I can taste it to this day


My Nanna too in Ireland

Bridget by name

The matriarch of Careys

Biddy the very same

She had six daughters every one

A very impressive dame

Including my own mammy

Ellen was her name


And finally to Margaret

The girl I loved so well

Who rescued me from loneliness

And here I came to dwell

The family is growing

Two grandsons now so swell

And my own dear son so good to me

Isn’t that a tale to tell!


Brian Fahy

19 March 2023

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