Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Where would I like to be?

I’d like to be in Erris

For the sake of memory

To walk again the roads I walked

When all the world was young

And see again dear faces

Of loved ones who are gone


But life is not just memory

Life is future too

And grandsons now remind me

Of a life they will pursue

And I can be their anchor

As they set out in life

A founding love for every day

A strength for them in strife


And heaven they say embraces all

The future and the past

Christ Jesus is eternal now

A living that shall last

The happiness of memory

And future mystery

Is gathered in our life today

And joy is what will be


Brian Fahy

17 March 2023


+ My brother Michael reminds me that in our little Lancashire school on this day, when we sang the hymn to St Patrick, and came to the line ‘and now thou art high in the mansions above,’ we used to sing, ‘and now thou art high on the Manchester bus’.

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